Special Education

Student Services is responsible for the Special Education programs in the district. We provide a wide range of services in a variety of settings.  We address students' services from an integrated approach with an emphasis on cooperative planning and intervention, coordination within the curriculum, and collaboration with the parents.

If your student is already receiving special education services, but you have questions or concerns, please call 552-9200.

If your student is not receiving special education services, but you have questions or concerns about how your student is progressing in school, you can also call 552-92005, to discuss possible next steps.

For questions or comments about the Laguna Elementary School's or Laguna Middle School's IDEA Part B application, please call 552-9200.

If your child receives Physical Therapy at school and you would like to support their progress at home, watch the videos directly below:

The UNM Autism Program is pleased to announce that the you can now access our podcast series on our portal. Each month we will offer audio podcasts that are approximately 15-25 minutes; they are intended to engage the autism community on topics that connect with New Mexicans. This year’s theme is Accessing Community…Real Questions by Parents for Parents. 

Please click on the following link in order to access: https://cdd.health.unm.edu/autismportal/the-inside-view/

For More Information about IDEA click here!