Weekly Covid Testing

Weekly Covid Testing


September 12, 2022


We apologize for not sending the form with our LES students to write down the confirmation code and return to school. If you have the confirmation code, please write it on the form your child will take home today. If you haven’t registered your child please do so at the following link: https://cvtestreg.nmhealth.org/. Please have your child bring the form with the confirmation code to school tomorrow, September 13th.

LES & LMS students will be tested tomorrow, September 13, beginning at 8:00 AM at the LES Art Room and then at the LMS Health Office. DEC students will be tested on Wednesday, September 14, between 8:45 AM and 10 AM at the DEC campus (PRC Building or drive thru).

Students who have tested positive within the last 90 days are exempt from testing until after the 90 day period.

If you have questions please call the school your child attends.

Division of Early Childhood: 505-552-6544 LES: 505-552-9200 LMS: 505-552-9091

You can also call Ms. Katrina Riley (505-321-8283) if you have questions.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in keeping everyone safe.