Pathways to Adult Success - Ages 17 to 21

Pathways to Adult Success - Ages 14 to 21

Pathways to Adult Success- Ages 17 to 21.

A small incentive will be awarded upon the three-hour completion.

Description: This 3-hour online training via Zoom will explore the many options and exciting avenues available for High school students/graduates in considering future opportunities and the life and job skills needed to be prepared and successful in those the next steps. Among various topics, this training will include:

· Resume writing and interviewing skills;
· Differences between attending college or learning a trade;
· Financial aid and applying to a college or university;

· Basic Financial Literacy.


Materials Provided: All course handouts, presentation slides, Certificates of Completion will be awarded as evidence of training.

Dates and Times: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm MST- July 28th 2021- Ages 17 to 21 years


Location(s): Online via Zoom- Students must have a laptop to attend. If student does not have a laptop, please PFS, let staff know. This is a first come first serve. Students must finish the entire training day.

Application: When Applying check the Other box Add CNM-Online Youth Training to the blank line, on the PFS application.


Deadline July 27, 2021 by 4:30 MST Program Director Contact: Ms. Petra Solimon; or Program Assistant: Ms. Edyie Marmolejo;; at 505-552-9322


Limit 30 Students


Please contact the Partners for Success at 505-552-6322 if you have further questions or for more information.

Pathways to Adult Success - Ages 17 to 21