LES/LMS Letter to Parents

LES/LMS Parent Letter


Laguna Elementary & Middle Schools

LES and LMS Families,
I wanted to start by saying THANK you for all of your patience and understanding as we have navigated through the first nine weeks of the 2021-2022 school year. I know it has been challenging for staff, students, and families. As we move into the second nine weeks of the school year, I have a couple of announcements and upcoming dates.
Early Release
Students will be dismissed at 11:30 am on 10/29/21 to allow staff to participate in an afternoon of professional development. Lunch will be served to students.

Virtual and In-Person Transition Guidelines & Guidelines for Virtual Students and Parents
Attached to this letter and posted on LES/LMS websites, you can find two new guideline documents that will be implemented starting Monday, 10/25/21. These guidelines pertain to transitioning students from in-person and virtual learning and guidelines for virtual students to follow. After you read through them, please reach out if you have any questions.

National Bullying and Red Ribbon Week
This year, we will celebrate National Bullying Week and Red Ribbon Week the week of
10/25: Monday-crazy sock day
10/26: Tuesday-wear your clothes backward, inside out day
10/27: Wednesday-wear orange to celebrate Unity day
10/28: Thursday-crazy hair day
10/29: Friday pajama/Halloween costume day

Upcoming Dates
10/25/21-10/29/21 National Bullying & Red Ribbon Week
10/27/21 Report Cards Mailed Home
10/29/21: Early Release: Teacher Professional Development Day
11/11/21 No School: Veteran’s Day

Kind Regards,
Nimrah Marquez, Principal
Laguna Elementary/Middle School
505-552-9200, 505-552-9091, 505-240-1616


LMS & LES - Virtual and In-Person Transition Guidelines

LES and LMS have adopted guidelines to alleviate the negative impacts on student learning and the classroom environment when students transition back and forth to virtual and in-person learning. We have experienced students who have been signed up as virtual come in person, and they do not have any of the supplies they need and vice-versa. Students need specific materials and supplies to complete classwork, whether they are at home or in person. While we welcome parent choice to choose if their student will attend in-person or virtual, we also want to keep it from negatively impacting all LES and LMS students' education. The cafeteria and transportation are also impacted when students switch back and forth.

  •  Students will not be allowed to switch to in-person or virtual on a day-to-day basis.
  •  Students cannot log in as virtual learners because they choose that specific day due to a doctor/dentist appointment, etc. Students will be counted absent, unless a doctor’s note is received.
  •  Virtual students will be allowed to transition to in-person at the middle of the nine weeks. Our calendar is set up with nine-week quarters- Quarter 2: 10/21/21-01/13/22
  • In-person students can transition to virtual at any time but must remain in virtual learning until the middle of the quarter with the Principal’s approval and the understanding that they must remain in virtual learning until the next open quarter.
  • The ONLY exception will be for in-person learners who are required to quarantine by the EOC. These students will be allowed to transition from in-person to virtual to in-person once the EOC releases them. The school will need to have documentation from the EOC to approve the transition.
  • If your child is transitioning to virtual, you must notify the school before logging in to the Zoom classroom. The teacher will collect any items your student needs, and you will be called to pick them up.
  • If your child is transitioning to in-person learning, you must notify the school before sending your child on campus. Your student will need to bring any supplies they have been using at home with them—for example, textbooks, journals, etc.


Guidelines for Virtual Students and Parents

• Attendance

  • Student must log on at class start time
  • Student must log in to all classes, specials and electives included
    - Student must log on after lunchtime
    - If student is tardy past 10 minutes, the student will be marked absent at the teacher’s discretion
    - If student is late due to internet issues, parent must call the school and inform of the issue
    LMS: 505-552-9091 or LES: 505-552-9200
    - Parents/guardians need to contact the school if student will be absent
    - Laguna’s Attendance and Truancy policy will be followed per the student handbook

• Environment

  • Remember when we are logged into Zoom classrooms we are sharing the environment with all the students in the classroom on campus, as well as the teachers
  • Student must have a work area free from distractions
    - TVs, radios, etc, should not be on in the background
    - Conversations in the home should not be heard in the campus classroom
    - If background noise, conversations, or images are inappropriate, the student’s zoom will be muted and the teacher has the discretion to log the student out of the zoom account
  • Student is not to log in from vehicles
  • Make sure that materials and supplies are ready to use
  • Student should not eat during class time

• Participation

  • Student is expected to participate and complete activities in the virtual classroom, as if they were in the classroom in person
  • Cameras must be turned on, facing the student, showing the student’s face at all times
  • Virtual students are expected to answer and communicate with the teacher or staff members online
  • If a student is not interacting the teacher has the discretion to log them off for the class and count it as an absence
  • Student needs to complete the work themselves
    - Parents are to monitor their student during the classes but refrain from completing the task themselves
  • All assignments need to be submitted as designated by the teacher.
    - Follow the teacher’s submission/late policy
    - Grades reflect the completed work that is submitted
    - Parents can check Google Classroom, to see what assignments have been submitted
    - Submitted assignments that are blank documents will be graded accordingly
    - Upper-grade level students are responsible for their assignments; in the lower-grades, virtual parents accept the responsibility
  • The teacher is not responsible for missing assignments

• Respect and Patience

  • Staff, students, parents, and others in the learning environment are expected to be respectful of all
    - Foul language verbally or in writing should not be heard or seen during Zoom class sessions
    - Teachers have the discretion to mute or log the student out of the zoom session if they deem the situation inappropriate for the school environment
  • Staff, students, and parents are all focused on doing what is best for all of the students, those that are virtual and in-person
  •  Technology Help
    - A teacher may not be able to address a virtual student’s technology issue during the class time
    - If you are having issues with your device or other technology, contact the IT help desk at #505-552-3080